Christ Church with St. Mary’s, Frome

Christ Church was built in 1818 by the Parishioners of St John The Baptist, Frome, as the ‘Free Church’ (no pew rent) for the working poor of Frome.

Christ Church founded the parish school, and still has very strong links with the school and its development.  

The Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in the Parish of St John The Baptist was consecrated on the 26th January 1864 as a Chapel of Ease. On the 25th March 1873 the Parish of the Blessed Virgin Mary was created - since which time it has had fifteen incumbents.  

Both Churches and Parishes were created for the ‘ordinary person’ in Frome. We, as worshipping congregations, believe that no one is ‘ordinary’ as every person is created in the image of God.  This ethos and theology is reflected in our worship and in our daily lives and mission to our town.

Our Mission is to grow in faith, proclaim the Word of God,
show the Love of Christ and bring the Hope of the Holy Spirit
to all whom we encounter.

To be a supportive community that meets people where they are,
responding to their needs with loving service.

“Changing lives; Changing Churches for Changing Communities”

Every Blessing

Welcome to the Benefice of Christ Church with St Mary’s
in the county of Somerset and in the diocese of Bath and Wells.

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