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Can You Help St Mary’s Church Stay Solvent?

Last September it was announced that the finances of St Mary’s are in a
desperate situation. Even if the regular worshippers of the church are able to
continue to give at a rate in line with inflation, once utilities, insurance
and general running costs are paid, and what remains sent to the Diocese
by way of the Parish Share (St Mary’s contribution towards the salary of
our Vicars), we will continue to operate at a loss, and by the end of 2015
there will be nothing left.


Father Neil’ s Extended leave

We have tried to cover as many services as possible within the Benefice during Fr Neil’s extended leave, but it has not been possible to cover them all.

Please check the Diary page of this web site, and the weekly pew sheets for regular updates.
You can also check with the Parish Administrator on  

Parish Administrator

 Patsy Stephenson       07407107423