Everyone at Christ Church and St. Mary’s has a duty of care to protect others from harm and accidents.

As places of worship we are committed to the protection of children and vulnerable adults, and ensuring the well-being of all who attend Church activities. The Church takes the safety of everyone very seriously and expects that all will work within the church’s safeguarding policy. In particular the church expects anyone who becomes aware of a safeguarding risk, or of actual abuse, to raise this immediately.

Both PCC’s follows the Wells Diocesan Policy, committed to ensuring that everyone working with children, young people and vulnerable adults, has been safely recruited, is adequately trained and supervised, understands and follows the Benefice Safeguarding Policy.


Safeguarding Officers and contact details:

The designated person for safeguarding at:

Christ Church is Dr Sarah Eyles (01373 228314) at St Mary’s is Mrs Laura Waterhouse (07564 958879) both who, with the Vicar or Diocesan Safeguarding Officer, will advise and take appropriate action where necessary. Diocesan Safe Guarding Officer is: Tel: 01749 685135 or


Children and young people under 18yrs

DBS Safeguarding clearance is provided at differing levels for different groups of people. In co-operation with the Diocese, each of the church’s ministries has been considered as to which level is required.

All those working with under 18 yr olds will require some level of DBS clearance, whether assisting with leading Sunday morning Children’s Groups, Youth groups etc.

The law is more complicated when it comes to Vulnerable Adults which includes all Pastoral Care and some other Church activities. But we also follow Diocesan guidelines on the safe recruitment of volunteers for such positions.


St Mary's Safeguarding Statement

Christ Church Safeguarding Statement

St Mary's Safeguarding Policy

Christ Church Safeguarding Policy